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Sutanpu free app

and take all your stamps with you, share them on Instagram or by email*, add a photo to your Sutanpu stamp and follow your statistics!

*except for non-authorized stamps due to author rights

IMPORTANT- the Sutanpu app uses NFC technology to detect your digital Sutanpu stamp.

You will need :

• a network connection 4G, 5G or Wifi,

• Apple user : an iPhone 7 or newer

• Android user : please allow NFC in Settings/Connection

① Download Sutanpu App for free

② Launch Sutanpu app and subscribe :

Provide a valid email, a password, your firstname and surname.

Then click on « CREATE MY ACCOUNT »

Sutanpu will then send an email to confirm your address (please also check your spams).

Click the link provided within the mail.

(Please see troubleshooting section below if needed)

③ The App will launch so that you can scan Sutanpu stamps

Look for the logo

then put the top of your smartphone on it :

either on the ink pad,

or on the side of the display

or on the window (cool in case the store is closed!)

④ Enjoy your Sutanpu stamp 🤩 !



I didn't receive any mail after the subscription process

Please check your spams.

You still got nothing after a few minutes ?

​Go back to Sutanpu App, then click on « Disconnect »

A new screen will show on.

Enter your email address, then click on « Forgot Password ? »

Sutanpu will send you a new link for you to enter a new password.

Nothing happens when I put my phone on the logo

Android user : please make sure "NFC" is allowed (see above)

Try to move slightly the back of your phone on the logo to detect the electronic tag.

Still not working ?

Please tell us what's wrong so we can work on it  :

Avec l'application Sutanpu gratuite :


Your Sutanpu stamp,
And much more

Enjoy your Sutanpu stamp on your wide smartphone screen, keep the date and your stamping rank, concerned photo and your travel notes.

All your Sutanpu stamps classified by theme

With the Sutanpu application, your stamps are automatically stored in the theme they belong to.

You know at any time the number of collected stamps  in each theme and their level of rarity.


Share your Sutanpu stamp at one glance

Because a Sutanpu stamp is unique, share your discovery with your friends on Instagram or by messaging (mail, WhatsApp,...) and make them want to discover a remarkable place.

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